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Exclusive Private Lessons with Andy in The Gorge 2015
Private Lesson Rates 2015
1 Private Lesson (2 hours) $ 175

Prices subject to change.
We offer exclusive private lessons for intermediate (waterstart, harness, straps) to advanced (freestyle, jumps, wave riding) windsurfer. We come with you to the appropriate windsurf spot.
Learn it right and easy, at the right place with your personal trainer.

For more information or to make a reservation
please call Andy at 541-490-9626, or send us an e-mail

Need equipment for your lesson? Would you like to demo new gear? We can help, just ask us for pricing and reservation!

The Gorge 2015
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) $ 220
1 Full Day $ 310
Oregon Coast 2015
Full Day for Central Coast
(Lincoln City - Manzanita)
$ 300
Full Day for South Coast
(Newport - Pistol River)
$ 370

Prices subject to change.
Experience the beautiful Gorge or the breathtaking Oregon coast with all the great windsurfing spots with a your personal professional guide.

We will show you the best place with the perfect condition for your skills and your guide will sail with you at your side.

For more info or to make a reservation,
please call Andy at 541-490-9626,
or send us an e-mail

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